Healthy Properties and Benefits of Algae

Healthy Properties and Benefits of Algae

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Healthy Properties and Benefits of Algae

Seaweed is a very important food for our health; it is very difficult to find other foods such as seaweed, that free us from impurities and toxins that our body accumulates over time.

The presence of fat acids, means that the algae also play a role as an anti-inflammatory, and thanks to iodine, which stimulates the activity of the thyroid, thus speeding up the metabolism, algae can also be considered a food slimming. Antioxidants instead, allow the elimination of the “dangerous” free radicals. Algae have at the same time a great capacity to combat pathogenic microorganisms and thus help the body to activate the immune system, strengthen bones, hair and nails.

Last, but not least, is studying the behavior of the algae against some types of cancer; thanks to the presence of algae in antioxidants. Algae is more often used in the aesthetic world because of its regenerative capacity.
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