100% Plant Based Nutrients

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Your health and well-being
should be your priority, nothing else is more important. 

100% Plant Based Nutrients


If you want to Clean your body, you Should Start With Your Cells

Choose bio available elements that help you eliminate harmful substances from your body, can make a significant difference to our personal health.

Approfitta dell'offerta e inizia 2022
con la giusta prevenzione, rafforzando corpo e mente

7 in 1

Take advantage of the offer and start 2022 with the right prevention, strengthening body and mind
mind and body

A SET OF NATURAL PRODUCTS to concretely and effectively face body purification. The formulas have been developed by researchers and experts of Natural Pharma International.

Unfortunately Today's Society
Is Not Based On Well-Being

It can be physically and emotionally exhausting to live with pain or discomfort.

When an illness, vitamin deficiency or weak immune system interrupts your ability to perform any action such as simple basic errands or having fun with your children, the rigors of daily life are made significantly more difficult and stressful.

Fortunately, some natural remedies made from algae, herbs or plants can be a vital part for optimizing mind and body, or solving mental and physical problems.

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Spirulina Mix Bio 7

Vitamine A, B, D, E, K - ferro, calcio, potassio e magnesio, proteine vegetali + diversi oligo-elementi.

Natural Power 3C

Improves the functionality of: memory, sexual life, bones, gastric protection

Fucus 100% Organic

Regulates hormone production from the thyroid gland.
Supports metabolism

Top Reset Metepa

Helps eliminate toxic agents, including excess of food and alcohol

Prevention will always be your best medicine

It may seem trivial to take a drug to relieve suffering, but traditional drugs, being often expensive (especially after medium or long time), are almost always addictive (not coincidentally).

On top of that, most traditional medicine has unwanted side effects that often create further discomfort and unwellness in the near future.

When it comes to supplemental products, it's not always easy to find what you're looking for, especially on the web, where we actually find endless storefronts with offers and persuasion of all kinds.

È difficile decifrare le etichette oggigiorno perché: ciò che è etichettato come ‘naturale’ non è sempre naturale ed il bio non è necessariamente organico.

We decided to do something about it: we only offer a range of plant-based and organic products and never anything artificial. 

We're transparent

so you can have confidence

What's in your product supplement is just as important as what's not. That's why the manufacturer works with third-party labs that test their products for heavy metals, pathogens and contaminants.

Anyone who has doubts about what's inside our products can go to any lab close and do the Petri Test.

If it turns out that we lied we refund the product and the lab fee.


Organic products have a higher nutritional quality than conventional ones and are richer in antioxidants and vitamins

benefici spirulina

100% Plant-based

Un prodotto vegetale vuol dire 100% organico e preferibilmente coltivato in maniera ottimale per ottenere un prodotto efficace e di alta qualità

benefici spirulina


Our customers have chosen a path for better health. More and more people are using organic products

benefici spirulina
benefici spirulina

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