Something about us

Why we do what we do?

We are close to the world of herbal medicine and naturopathy, with the aim of guiding our customers personally towards psychophysical well-being.

We use nature and medicinal plants as support for restoring and maintaining our health and improving our lifestyles.

We firmly believe that "prevention is a way of life...a way of being."

What makes us

What makes us

Joliment offers products originated from plants and natural photosynthetic algae. A very viable non-animal and non-GMO alternative.

Our products can meet the needs of: athletes, vegetarians, vegans, pregnant or menopausal women and children over 3 years old. Likewise, those who suffer from certain allergies and anyone who is concerned about heavy metals and wants to strengthen their immune system by detoxifying their cells.


La natura è tutto quello che ci serve per stare bene

organic ingredients

We only offer plant-based products because we believe it is:

  • More ethical
  • More sustainable
  • Healthier

In order to minimize the impact we have on the planet, we promise to never offer ingredients of animal origin to our customers.

We also actively explore ways in which our business and our employees can positively impact well-being of people, animals, and our shared environment.

Your greatest wealth
is health

We're all doing our best to be healthy, and while diet, exercise and routine are at the core of health, nutrients can also make a difference.

We offer products that we consume ourselves, which means we never include anything artificial. We only offer plant-based ingredients and we only supply organic and natural products. 



We as Joliment, are honored and flattered to be part of this magnificent reality where scientific research and ethics come first, giving well-being to others in a world that unfortunately ... often goes backwards. 

Research, cultivation, extraction and production are performed by NATURAL PHARMA HOLDING.

Thanks to several collaborations worldwide, NPH is able to collect the most information, insights, studies and scientific data on the characteristics and benefits that nature can offer us.

NPH is a company based in Europe (Italy, Austria, Malta), Africa (Ivory Coast - Abidjan), Central America (Santo Domingo) and is composed of many experts in the industry. There are several worldwide collaborations with researchers, scientists, biologists, agronomists, chemists, nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors, former coaches, athletes and experts of international importance as the well-known virologist Prof Giulio Tarro, the oncologist Dr. Daniele Montruccoli, Dr. Mariella Finetti, molecular geneticist and many others...

NPH can boast of professional collaboration with important institutional bodies such as "Le Centre médical de l'Institut Pasteur", the University of Bari, the World University of Human Science and the Teresa & Luigi Bonelli Foundation just to name a few. 

When two destinies cross,
so many good things can happen.


Our team

The Joliment Team

D. Edgard

Dr. Edgard B.

Team Manager

Maione B. Consulente Farmaceutica

Maione B.


Pierotti G.

Resp. Clienti

Diasivi M.

Preparatore atletico

Bernardi C. Relator Joliment Dubai

Chiara B.

Resp. UEA - tel:+971.50. 249. 44 07

Fabio D.

Dir. Scientifico

The NPH Team

The NPH Team