"Our destiny is formed by our thoughts and actions.

We can't change the wind but we can steer the sails."


Don't know us yet?

Joliment was founded in 2014 and is a "Wellness Hub" offering healthy solutions for personal well-being. 

In addition to various useful information that will help you optimize and improve your lifestyle, Joliment offers a range of products that are completely natural and free of chemicals.

The preparations are studied and created in research laboratories and in collaboration with leading scientists and experts in developing natural products and adjuvants. 

We are a reality made of people who think first of all about ethics and transparency. Joliment must be perceived as a concept of well-being.

We want to help and inform everyone of the existence of some alternative products, which actually make a difference in the world of psychophysical personal well-being.

Interview by Nicole Pizzato, successful blogger and writer

To answer the question how our reality was born, as it often occurs, everything happened a bit by chance.

Subconsciously I've always wanted to contribute to something ethical, or rather, find ways where I can help and optimize myself and subsequently my surroundings or potential clients.

In fact, I had just come back from a wonderful world project, where we had at heart young African boys, unfortunately economically disadvantaged, but who wanted to pursue a football career.

I sadly had to discontinue due to issues related to various unethical corporate and government policies.

So, while traveling halfway around the world, always keeping my eyes and ears open, by pure chance I learned about the reality of a company called Natural Pharma International. A research company that has created an incredible product called ABAMAV. The product was created as a broad-spectrum alternative medicine and soon it was discovered that it also does extremely well for the epidermis and human cells in general.

So one day I talked about it with a friend and later we went deeper into the subject by scheduling an appointment with a doctor who was still experimenting with some products. So we tried on our skin (literally) those innovative products, with a final outcome that was nothing less as, let's say... impressive.

Nowadays they have put in place several products for psychophysical well-being. Natural products that, in addition to providing our body with the necessary nutrients, are above all able to clean our cells at 360 degrees.

So you guys were lab rats?

(lol) Since it was an innovative product, in a world in itself very skeptical, a well-known doctor had proposed to do some aesthetic treatments, trying to understand if they really were as effective as he was told.

I would like to point out that Abamav-based products are 100% natural and free of side effects. In fact, at worst they are a powerful antibacterial and antiviral.

We already have the No word, the Yes word we can eventually obtain, it's always worth trying and asking."

Yes, although, we didn't know at all which door to knock on or where to ask for more info.

Honesty, we didn't even knew if it was possible as we were talking about something much bigger than ourselves.

We already have the No word, but we can obtain the Yes word, it's always worth trying and asking."

We prefer to be the ultimate of the successful rather than becoming the phenomena of the brainless.

We believed in something firmly from the very beginning and the more time that goes by, more and more customers are satisfied.

Currently, we are benefitting mostly from excellent word of mouth, which consolidates us for the long run.

For those who are still skeptical, they can always document here if they want to learn more about the effectiveness of active ingredients and their recipients.

Le situazioni spesso vanno create. In seguito?

Afeter that we decided to contact the president of this company directly and ask for more information about its research, development and products.

Luckily, after only a few days we got an immediate reply and a very familiar and trusting feeling was created, and as an almost natural consequence we also established a professional relationship.

In addition, since they were the funders and researchers (among other things, continuously seeking to improve their products... and the world), they didn't yet had a structure or studio to deal with promotional marketing, let alone a proven distribution as it was still going thru its development phase.

Initially, myself, I started working as a freelance interpreter for this company, understanding even more the potential and value of all this, thanks to all the correspondence I was about to read and translate.

I bumbed in some question from a third party and answers from the company and so I was aible to learn more and more and becoming more interested (and surprised). 

Crossed Fates So a synergy and collaboration had been created almost immediately...and now we are Joliment and we are only at the beginning....

How did the name Joliment came into existence?

Something not too thought out. I know there are agencies that deal with branding, names, logos etc, but it had come to me by putting together some languages I speak. "Joli" stands for cute, beautiful, pleasant while "ment" makes you think of our mind. "Ment" is the result of a process, an action.

Something "graceful". To be graceful we must first of all feel good about ourselves... and well-being comes from within. A psychophysical balance in fact.

Joliment therefore somewhat encapsulates the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body, as well as being aesthetically smug and well-groomed, but that comes as a consequence.

The NP wording that often accompanies the name Joliment stands for "Natural Products" and also aggregates with the reality of Natural Pharma Group, which likewise begins with NP.

Either way, just call us Joliment.

The logo needed to be simple but spiritually meaningful.

Blue represents water, but is also associated with the throat chakra, through which we nourish ourselves.

In addition, blue signifies creativity through communication and expression.

Green is like nature, hope, a sense of balance, compassion and harmony.

It also signifies love for all that pertains to the natural realm, favouring proper contact with the laws of nature. For some peoples green signifies perseverance and superior knowledge.

I recently adjusted our logo slightly, without upsetting it too much. I added a triangle which is also a symbol of integration, in addition to the various spiritual meanings we can associate it with.

Joliment, a company based in Austria right?

The startup happened in Austria yes, for several reasons. One of them is its propensity to facilitate companies or corporations that choose innovative products with organic and natural approaches. 

It is currently divided into two parts, and besides an office, also part of the logistics is in Italy, but it may be that Joliment expands, opening offices abroad as well. We are also evaluating Eastern Europe. It all depends on development, ideas and creativity, because we don't want to limit ourselves only to the sales of exceptional products.

Joliment's main focus?

I would like to see Joliment as a concept of positive thinking, healthy... a psychophysical well-being in general, a way of being respecting oneself without entering into fanaticism or extremism. Of course, at the same time respecting nature, which is our first ally if we consider what it can provide, when it comes to our health.

We are in continuous progress...but one step at a time. In the meantime my head is whirring...(in a good way)

Sto elaborando un concetto laterale che si chiamerà EVP ma è ancora presto per sbilanciarmi del tutto. 

Devo dire che suona tutto molto bello, innovativo e interessante.

Thanks! :)

Yes...The products are working and that's not a minor thing these days. It's a trump card.

Without name-dropping, I know managers and salespeople from leading national as well as global companies who say that unfortunately their own products don't work or at least not as they should for what they charge.

In fact, some area-managers I know don't use them at all.  It's certainly not the case with us, because we're the number one consumer.

But it is a disconcerting reality if we think how advertising often deceives us. It is so studied and subliminal that we believe almost everything that is being proposed, especially through TV, which for many is still the God of the living room, the absolute truth. But we must be careful and shield ourselves from persuasion and manipulation. When I see advertisements like " you pay 1 you get 4 free" I am often astonished. Not to mention companies that don't care about their customers at all, but only want to increase their financial numbers. 

I recently came across a spirulina product, but looking on the label it was apparent that the percentage of spirulina present did not exceed 0.2%. Yes, I repeat...0.2%. Yet on the packaging was the deception "Spirulina based...". But nope, only 0.2% ...almost nothing. Absent! Unbelievable. 

We are in an era where people now have the ability to inform themselves or look for alternatives, or not?

Absolutely!!! I'm not saying nothing works, in fact, there are chemicals that do their job, but they are often created to buffer symptoms, not to reinforce. I personally avoid them if I can.

Magic products don't exist but if researchers find the right formulas, many good things can happen. Helping people to be better or healthier, for example, even through natural nutrition.

Let us not forget that very often it is science that steals ideas from nature.

Furthermore, it is well known that introducing chemicals into the body is not advisable by any means. But thanks to the internet we can fortunately do more in-depth research. In fact, for those who want we have a page dedicated to science regarding the ingredients present in our products. una pagina dedicata alla scienza che riguarda gli ingredienti presenti nei nostri prodotti.

Joliment offers products based on algae, let's talk a little bit about Abamav. What is it?

ABAMAV is an acronym for AntiBacterial AntiMycotic AntiViral, is the active ingredient in our natural products. We propose different extracts. A mix of algae and natural spices rigorously selected either in capsules, powder or in aqueous form, in order to obtain broad spectrum antimicrobial properties. There is a dedicated page on our website where we delve a little deeper into the meaning of ABAMAV.

We offer several extracts, i.e., a mix of rigorously selected natural algae and spices either in capsule, powder or aqueous form to provide broad spectrum antimicrobial properties.

There is a dedicated section here where we delve a little deeper into the meaning of ABAMAV.

Il prodotto a che tipo di cliente o consumatore potrebbe essere utile?

I'd be forgiven for saying that it's useful for just about everyone, it's not invasive, it doesn't produce any side effects and it boosts the immune system in general. It is actually about purifying our cells.

Not everyone knows this, but it's really our body cells that will make us healthy ... or those who create diseases.

Of course, there are also several diseases hereditary, but we should not underestimate that most of the damage to our body we do by ourselves, by living a wrong lifestyle.

The right diet and supplementation is essential, as is physical activity and a healthy, functioning mind.

If our antibodies are present and working, the immune system is doing its job, then the risk of getting sick is drastically reduced.

Try it to believe it. It's called PREVENTION

Investing in health is never a bad thing.

In a world full of all kinds of products, how do you stand out?

Besides having a one hundred percent natural product, not 70 or 90 percent, But 100 percent natural, is remarkable in itself.

In addition, we have a manufacturing company behind us that boasts national and global researchers, physicians, biologists and virologists. Experts of the highest level. In fact, even the Prof. Giulio Tarro, famous virologist, an exquisite and wise person (often unfairly attacked by mendacious journalists), is one of the team, but not only him, there is a team of experts who also have ethics, something very rare nowadays.

Personally, I am very convinced that word of mouth is always an excellent way to spread the word about a product. Information is important, direct contact with readers, professionals and customers as well, certainly not an immediate process but certainly more durable over time.

A happy customer speaks well and spreads the word.

You approach who exactly?

Actually to a very broad target audience. A very specific target group are people who have chosen to get or stay healthy by strengthening their immune system. But also athletes of all kinds, or vegetarians and health-conscious people or people wanting to boost their health with only 100% natural products..

Today because of the pandemic, people's lives have changed and more people are realizing that you don't mess with your health. A strong, responsive body definitely makes a difference. Nothing new really, but people often forget that.


What message do you want to give people?

Love yourself! Taking care of your body doesn't necessarily mean staying at the gym all day or eating only fruits and vegetables. You have to find a good balance, common sense. It's no secret that smoking is bad for you, drinking too much alcohol ruins your liver and kidneys, too much sugar destroys healthy cells and gives the wrong fuel to already compromised cells.

"Nature is our true pharmacy, our body a perfect machine if we respect it." 

Let's not forget that!!!

Oh, I forgot... come and discover our products.

Good health to all!

Interview by Nicole Pizzato, successful blogger and writer