La pulizia
delle cellule

Non ne parliamo mai e in realtà non ci viene neanche in mente ma anche le nostre cellule fanno le pulizie. In inglese il termine corretto è “Cellular Clearence”, ed è di una importanza spesso sottovalutata.

É un procedimento di pulizia per nulla banale ma piuttosto raffinato ed essenziale per mantenerci in buona salute.

Cell cleansing

We never talk about it, and in fact it doesn't even occur to us, but our cells do the cleaning too. They also call it "Cellular Clearence", and it is of fundamental importance, but often underestimated. It is a cleaning process that is not at all trivial but rather refined and essential to keep us healthy.

Prevention will always be your best medicine

Prevention will always be your best medicine

Today, because of the pandemic, people's lives have changed and thankfully more and more people are realizing that you don't mess with health.

It is actually prevention that plays a significant role.

Cellular Clearence consists of several mechanisms that play an enormously important role in various physiological processes.

Did you know that almost all diseases originate from malfunctioning human cells? An inflamed body becomes an unhealthy body, cells without oxygen die and cell acidosis becomes a fertile place for viruses, tumor and cancer.

There is a natural way to cleanse the body because as we all know, nature provides. Visit our virtual shop and come and discover one of our best-selling products such as Spirulina MixBio, Top Reset Metepa or our purifying package that we have created specifically to start the year 2022 well. Obviously we are talking about products that are totally organic and without any additives, which can help you to: Translated with (free version)

- cleaning cells

- remove toxins and heavy metals

- optimize blood flow by avoiding coagulations

- significantly reduce cellular inflammation

- increase oxygen in cells

- strengthen the immune system

- introduce up to 70 different trace elements that our body requires

It's hard to tell where some products come from: what's labeled 'natural' isn't always natural and organic isn't necessarily organic. (Inexplicable laws allow such confusion)

We decided to do something about it: we only offer a range of plant-based and organic products and never anything artificial. 


Your Health First!
So You Can Be At Peace!

No animal / no-GMO products

Our extracts and powders are sourced from microalgae, making them perfectly suited to vegetarian and plant-based diets. We promote only organic algae and natural materials and do not use genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

No side effects

Because our seaweed powder and aqueous extract products come from a non-fish, non-animal source, they contain no animal or fish protein and are therefore safe for use by people with fish allergies and food sensitivities.

Controlled environment

The products Joliment offers are grown in a controlled environment within photobioreactors, providing a higher and more consistent product quality and reliable year-round production. An uncontaminated water source is used, free of agricultural run-off and pesticides, ensuring the purest possible product.

Some of our best selling products

Spirulina Mix Bio


Unique product in the world, thanks to the 7 different spirulina present

A source of energy and plant-based protein. 

spirulina super food bio mix

Natural Power

  • Boosts libido.
  • Improved glucose control.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.

Metepa Top Reset


A mix of artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle and other carefully chosen herbs

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