Metepa Top Reset

Un mix di carciofo, tarassaco, cardo mariano e altre erbe attentamente scelte


The used part of the plant is the leaf
The artichoke has become one of the most important western medicinal plants.
The active ingredient is cynarin which stimulates biliary secretion and thus contributes to a lowering of cholesterol.

It is sometimes referred to as an excellent bitter tonic; it is precious in infections caused by liver and gall bladder malfunction and is often used for disorders of hypercholesterolemia and digestive migraine.

Milk Thistle has a strong protective activity of the liver. It protects the liver cells from damage caused by toxic substances such as alcohol, drugs, insecticides or pesticides.

This active ingredient seems to be able to stabilize the membrane of liver cells. It stops the damage caused to liver cells by free radicals.
Milk thistle extracts capture free radicals by preventing them from forming lipoperoxides with the cell membranes, which are extremely toxic to the liver.

Milk thistle also stimulates the production of new liver cells, promoting protein synthesis.

It appears to stop leukotriene production, which has a preventive effect on allergic and inflammatory reactions.

Cardio mariano is also able to improve liver test results in individuals who have suffered liver damage.


Dandelion, also often called dog's tooth, is one of the most well-known and popular herbs in popular culture. It has bitter-tonic and digestive properties useful for digestive disorders.

Dandelion promotes the evacuation of excrement and soothes hemorrhoidal inflammation. Its detoxifying function is reflected on impure and unhealthy skins making them fresh and luminous.

Indicated to counteract and resolve acne, it has detoxifying, diuretic and depurative properties.
It is also often used in cosmetic products, restoring the normal complexion of facial skin.

Spirulina thallus algae (Arthrospira platensis)
Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis)
Liquiria (Glicymhiza glabra L.)
Curcuma (Curcuma longa L. )
Sarsaparilla (Smilax aspera L.)
Melissa (Melissa officinalis)
Kinkeliba (Combretum micranthum G. Don)
Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)
Bold (Peumus boldus)

Metepa Top reset


ORGANIC DIGESTIVE x 4 units (200ml)

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Top Reset Metepa

Aiuta nell’eliminazione degli agenti tossici compresi gli eccessi alimentari ed alcolici



Frequently Asked Questions

TOP RESET METEPA is a FOOD INTEGRATOR obtained from a mix of artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle and other carefully chosen herbs. A product made with raw materials obtained from products grown on fertile land maintaining a perfect agronomic health. (no GMO). 

No, on the contrary! The function of "TOP RESET Metepa" is precisely to eliminate the toxicity present in our body. It contains neither pharmacological active ingredients nor additives. Metepa is 100% natural and has no side effects. 

In addition to its ability to drastically lower the alcohol level, it is also very useful in eliminating many other toxic substances and/or undigestible foods. Top Reset Metepa can be taken daily as an adjuvant in the purification of the liver. Unfortunately the probability of triggering liver problems after continuous alcohol intake is underestimated if we consider the high percentage of chronic drinkers.  

TOP RESET METEPA is recommended to "help" the organism, following an excessive intake of alcohol or food difficult to digest. In case of excessive consumption, over 0.5mg/l, (threshold provided for by the laws in force), it is advisable to check the alcohol levels with a breathalyzer before and after the intake of METEPA.

Metepa is often used by our clients against fatty and/or large liver.

It is taken orally. It is recommended to be consumed half an hour before driving any type of vehicle. One bottle is effective for a person of average height (up to about 90 kg). In case the person has a higher body weight we recommend to slightly increase the dose. As a daily purification, one sip per day (small coffee spoon) is sufficient .

METEPA is effective about half an hour after consumption.  50ml is sufficient for a person weighing up to 90kg. The effects of METEPA take place by "mass". The greater the amount of toxins (alcohol) to be removed, the greater the amount in proportion to be taken.

To eliminate toxins thoroughly, we suggest a cycle of about 3/4 weeks, taking a tablespoon of coffee every morning or after dinner.

There are no reported contraindications for its consumption. METEPA is a product of NPH, an Italian-Austrian company at the forefront of biotechnology research.

METEPA is a Made in Italy product and is made using advanced bio-technology.  The manufacturing company (NPH ) is also known for its continuous contribution in finding solutions to combat serious infectious diseases. 

In addition to the due commercial certifications, a verification to ascertain the functionality of the Metepa took place in the presence of the top management of the State Police during analysis in the laboratory of the "Rosa Prati". The latter is in charge of the " mobile clinic " of Moto GP and Formula 1, and has decreed that METEPA works and is absolutely a cutting edge product.

It has been studied that TOP RESET METEPA is very effective in reducing the "hangover" effect.  However before starting to drive and after the assumption of METEPA, it is opportune to wait at least 30/45 min. and to verify the present alcoholic rate through a breathalyzer. Moreover it is always advisable to moderate the assumption of alcohol or super alcohol.  

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