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Viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and protozoa are often the result of the complex interaction between our immune system and the olfactory organism.

Nowadays, unfortunately, the risk of contracting an infection is high....

But it's still not too late and with the right mindset, it can still be fixed.

What does it mean to have the right mindset?

For us, it means. 


Yes, prevention is the most effective medicine out there today.

Eliminating bacteria and viruses helps us strengthen our immune system and multiply antibodies. 

Abamav Oral Spray is very useful as a strong adjuvant against diseases caused by different pathogens that come into contact with our body. These causative agents, in addition to viruses, can be bacteria, fungi, molds and protozoa and are often the result of the complex interaction between our immune system and olfaction.

There is a solution to fight bacteria and viruses in a totally natural way! More and more people are using our ORAL Spray because it is a strong antiviral and antibacterial aqueous product. If you recognize yourself in one of these cases, you may also need our product.

Are you a user of immunosuppressive drugs?

Are you a person who has smoked tobacco for years?

Do you like alcohol a litle bit too much? 

might just be a great coadjunct to consider.

Key Ingredients:

In addition, more than 50 trace elements are present

It contains vitamin C, which helps protect us against tumor and cancer, restores the values of the immune system, helps against cardiovascular diseases and macular degeneration. It also contains vitamin B, which is essential for the metabolic processes of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and for the good functioning of the nervous system.
It improves the elasticity of the epidermis and defends us against skin cancer by neutralizing free radicals before they can cause oxidative damage and thus accelerate aging. Nannochloropsis regulates more than 300 different metabolic processes. [1]

Chlorella benefits the entire body by supporting healthy hormonal functioning, good cardiovascular health, aids in fat loss and detoxification of heavy metals such as mercury.

A healthy response for the immune system, being a "natural killer" and cell activator, slowing down the aging process, increasing levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and glutamic acid which eliminates free radicals and protects the body's cells. [2] [2]

Very effective as an adjuvant for many health disorders such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, age-related degenerative diseases, neuro-degenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases and severe tissue injury. [3] [3]


Epidemiological investigations and animal studies have suggested the possibility that certain trace element deficiencies are associated with reduced antioxidant potential in organisms (which is thought to underlie the onset of cancer and atherosclerosis), accelerated aging, developmental delay in children, and an increased incidence of abnormal pregnancies, immunological abnormalities, and lifestyle diseases.

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