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The importance of detoxification
and cellular cleansing

It is very important to realize that exposing cells to toxic molecules can weaken them and put many components of our bodies at risk.

For example, many chemicals (more than 100 drugs taken by citizens are more harmful than helpful) increase the production of free radicals while also creating oxidative stress, can damage DNA and interfere with its vital functions.

This is a scientific concept that is often underestimated, although it deserves greater awareness.

In addition, many toxic substances, especially heavy metals such as aluminum, arsenic, mercury, nickel, lead and fat-soluble pesticides, show high equivalence for some molecules on the cell membrane.

The membrane is the separating shell between the cell and the external environment and it is better not to jeopardize it.

It's no longer a secret that an inflamed body can lead to endless complications and put our health at serious risk.

Let's get in shape by balancing our mind and body.

5 Good reasons why you need a body detox

  1. Our organism must get rid, above all, of the excess of toxins, deriving from a diet that includes above all meat, sweets, fats and of course ... alcohol.
  2. Our bodies contain toxins that are self produced, but in excess, and they too must be eliminated.

  3. Need to eliminate toxic substances from air pollution.

  4. If you take or have taken medications (chemo, chemical immunizers or various drugs), it would be appropriate to liberate the body from toxic substances that inevitably leave traces in the body.

  5. Our body has to buffer the inflammation accumulated in the body due to improper diet, poor oxygenation, but also an inactive lifestyle negatively affects.

This is your chance to get a "Purification Package" to start the new year, at a very special price. This "Happy New Year" offer is a great way to cleanse your body of excess food, alcohol, heavy metals, chemicals or after taking pharmaceuticals. 

The goal for 2022, should not only be to start the new year off right, but to start cleansing the body! 

Order here your purifying package to start the new year well

Choose a combination of rigorously selected products that help your body effectively. If you want to achieve a complete detox, you need to target the cells of the kidneys, liver and intestines, as well as the deeper tissues, such as those present in the brain.

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